What Lures Should I Uswe

What Lures Should I Uswe


Looking like the head of a spoon, these lures are thought of as the simplest type. Spoon lures get the attention of fish by flickering and wobbling in the water. They are affordable and easy to use, making them the perfect lure to start with.


The spinner lure, simulates the scales and movements of small fish. It is basically a blade, rotating as it moves through the water, and reflecting light from the surface. The speed at which it rotates can be controlled by how fast or slow you retrieve the line. Trout and mullet fish go for the smaller sized spinners.

Surface Lures

If you are looking for some excitement in your next fishing trip, pick up some surface lures; these let you see the fish actually exit the water to snatch them, giving you the anticipation and thrill of seeing the bite right when it happens. By sitting on the surface, these lures make a good choice for water bodies full of weeds which may snag your line.

Suspending Plugs

When your prey is hiding in weed beds and rocks, suspending lures will be the perfect choice to use. These lures will sink to a certain depth and stay there. When you yank on the line to imitate life, that's when the fish will launch their attack, especially the big guys!

Floating Drivers

Covering a wide span of depths, a floating drive may settle just beneath the surface or go fifteen feet deep or more. This makes this type of a lure a must-have for any angler. The relationship between the body of the lure and the fin denote the depth it will dive: the lesser the angle, the deeper it will go. The fin, body shape and size will contribute to the way it moves through the water.

Sinking Plugs

Sinking plugs allow for the same depth to be reached each time you cast the line. By counting before starting to retrieve it, you will be able to know how deep you've gone and also where the fish are that are biting. You can begin retrieving as soon as you get to the depth you want.

Soft Baits

The soft (rubber) bait comes in all kinds of shapes, size and colors, making these very common for sea and fresh water fishing alike. These can be used to accessorize a weighted jig head and can be handled like jerk bait and managed like a plug.

Jerk Baits

With no automated movement, it is up to you to give this life. Shaking or jerking the line will cause it to tremble in the water, giving it the deceptive quality that it's alive. The goal is to mimic an injured fish, making it some easily tempting prey for bigger fish, causing them to strike in no-time!

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