Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Salmon is often regarded as perhaps the tastiest and healthiest fish by people around the world. It can also be quite expensive at the store. If you are an angler, and somewhere near their habitat, there is no reason not to try for them.

The best time to fish for salmon is during low light, such as when there is a sufficient cloud cover. Sunny weather tends to keep them hidden in deep holes, diminishing your chances to land them. Also, you would do better trying for them in lakes, where they are known to be aggressive and predatory. Salmon will not feed while in a river as a general rule.

If you do find a hole in the lake with a bunch of salmon, you could end up fishing there your whole day! A good method would be fishing with someone else, taking turns fishing and spotting. While one is casting and retrieving, the other would be up high, to observe any reactions by the salmon, helping to discover their location. Wearing polarized sunglasses will help greatly to see through the water, so be sure to bring along a pair.

Hooks can be set by jerking the rod downstream about three times. You can get a better set by pulling on it with your free hand. Salmon have thick jaws, so you'll want to have your hooks sharpened. When you have a bite, be careful when lifting, as if it goes straight up, there's a chance you'll pull the fly right out the salmon's mouth.

Adjust the weight and tippet length to be adequate for the depth of the fish and the holes they are in. As long as the weight touches the bottom sporadically, it is just fine. Three foot long tippets set the fly between a half foot to two feet from the bottom, but if you add a foam indicator, the fly can go a little higher.

There are many tips for fly fishing, with the chuck-n-duck being the best known and simplest method for catching salmon. There are about four popular configurations of gear for performing a chuck-n-duck. Here they are in no particular order:

The River Guide

Thirty-pound backing: 100+ yards

Amnesia line: 20 feet

Shooting line: 100 feet

Maxima monofilament (6-8 lb. Test): 3 to 6 feet

Maxima monofilament (12 lb. Test): 20 feet

Swivels and weights

The Simple Set-Up

Thirty-pound backing: 100+ yards

Maxima monofilament (12 lb. Test): 10 feet

Shooting line: 100 feet

Swivels and weights

Maxima monofilament (6-8 lb. Test): 3 to 4 feet

The Simple and Cheap Set-Up

Thirty-pound backing: 100+ yards

Amnesia line (15 lb. Test): 100 feet

Maxima monofilament (12 lb. Test): 20 feet

Swivels and weights

Maxima monofilament (6-8 lb. Test): 3 to 6 feet

The Combo

Thirty-pound backing: 100+ yards

Shooting or Amnesia line: 100 feet

Maxima monofilament (10-20 lb. Test): 3 to 12 feet

Swivels and weights

Maxima monofilament (2-12 lb. Test): 4 to 10 feet

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