Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

The key to successful fishing is an angler's equipment. Even with the finest, most expensive gear, without the proper planning it could all end up working against you. Any seasoned pro would say that balancing the individual items in your tackle is vital to avoid any unforeseen difficulties which often are experienced by beginners.

Fishing Rods

A good rod will do you well to really get the most enjoyment out of fishing. Rods of superior quality simply make for better learning tools, if only for their ease of use. An inferior rod may only cause some unnecessary troubles for a beginner, bringing a sense of discouragement to the sport. Sure, you could teach yourself how to fish with a stick and a string, but it's going to be an unreasonably difficult struggle.

Fishing Lines

The subtle differences in fishing lines must be given careful consideration. Even with the same marking, the diameter and weight of the lines are not entirely uniform and will vary by manufacturer. Some lines may be a bit bigger or smaller, lighter or heavier, so go by your own observations rather than blindly trusting the packaging.

The Leader

Invisibly connecting the line and the lure, the leader is a very important item in your tackle. An angler must take careful consideration to compare it with the size of the line to be used, or it will make for trouble when casting. You want it to extend straight out.

Fishing Flies or Lures

Ranging in size from number 18 to those which are meant for number 2 hooks or even larger, the flies or lures generally require more wind the heavier they are. Heavier ones may even require heavier equipment if not more power when performing especially the back cast or forward cast.


There are both automatic and single action reels. Either type needs to be large enough for holding the standard thirty yards of line without crowding the spool or causing it to jam. While it has no real use when casting or fishing, except as a place to hold the line, for balance issues make sure it weighs 1 ž to 1 ― as heavy as the rod itself.

You will want to maintain all your equipment in such a way that it stays in good condition. Poorly kept gear is liable to cause any number of problems during your fishing venture, and make landing that good catch simply impossible. Don't handicap yourself and you will have a good chance to come out on top.

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