Fishing 101

Fishing 101

So, you have decided that you want to learn the art of fishing, but not sure where to start.  There are several ways to learn, of course, with the most challenging being that of trial and error.  On the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum would be to take lessons from a seasoned instructor.  The following list is for anyone in-between.

1. Fishing for the Right Book

There are many great books available at your local bookstore and even online. The best book to learn from would give easy to follow instructions and explain the terms and mechanics involved in fishing. When starting out there will be things which may not be immediately understood but are useful to know – tying different types of knots, for example. You may find this knowledge useful in other parts of your life, as well.

2. Joining the Party

Party boats carry between fifteen to fifty anglers, and can be found almost anywhere that has good fishing. Boats typically provide everything you need, such as the rod, reel, hooks and bait. The shipmates will generally stay close to spot and assist you, like by the fish off the hook. A real bargain for beginners, the party boat generally costs between $25 - $70 a day, and you can keep the fish you catch.

3. Seasickness Medication

Not just a comedic cliché, seasickness can definitely ruin what would be a good time on the water; even a seasoned veteran angler may take some along on rough days. Seasickness medication such as Bonine will do the job to make sure you are at your best. It's taken once before bed, first thing in the morning, and once again right before boarding the boat.

4. Picking the Right Pier

Let's assume you are already skilled in operating a rod and reel; the next step is to find the right pier to fish from. Coastal cities usually have at least one public pier, though many may be pay-to-fish. Piers typically rent tackle and sell bait. Being new, you may also run into some helpful anglers willing to give you assistance.

5. Deciding Between Parties or Piers

It is important to figure out the right type of experience you are looking for; different types of fishing require different equipment and usually have different laws pertaining to them. You would do well to try out both party boat fishing and pier fishing, maybe trying each several times while learning.

6. Getting the Reel Deal

When starting out, you will probably be using a conventional reel; it's designed to take a considerable amount of wear-and-tear. As you settle into your new sport, considering other types and makes of reels would be the next step. You could ask a tackle shop owner for help selecting one, or ideally you may have made a friend or two in your fishing outings which would be happy to assist.

Learning the way to tie knots, bait and cast are not terribly complicated, but you must understand the mechanics of the reel and other equipment you will be using. Secondly, knowing the best places to fish is duly important. The most successful anglers know how fish move, recognizing their patterns in order to anticipate where the fish will be.

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