Best Fishing Lures

Best Fishing Lures

From the ever-evolving fishing gear and accessories that come along with the popular sport of bass fishing have come the development of a number of different lures to give the best results when fishing for specific species of fish.

Lures are categorized into types or classes, depending on the type of fish they work for. You will find some which are very specific, while some may cover a wider range of species. Here we will cover some of the typical lures you may be interested in using for your next fishing trip.

Light Standard Casting Lures

This type of lure will attract to a rather wide range of fish; everything from albacore, bluefish and bonita to crappies. These can also be great for catching some species of bass fish. These synthetic lures pass through the water without alarming the fish, working best when retrieved from the water slowly.

As the classification says, they are superb for landing lightweight fish which makes up a considerable amount of freshwater species. The lures range in size from 1/16 oz. to 3 oz., and their details are flashy enough to cause the fish to school.

Heavy Standard Casting Lures

If you're aiming to catch some heavy fish such as walleye and bass, this type of lure will serve you well. Unlike the lightweight lures which have a variety of circumstances they are used in, these have been shown to give the angler more reliable results.

Heavy Standard Casting Lures are excellent for quite heavy fish specifically, walleye and bass. While the lightweight lures are used in most circumstances, it was shown that heavy counterparts provide more reliable fishing output.

Long Casting/Jigging Lures

The long and tapered jigging lures are perhaps the most popular fishing lures, commonly seen being used by the fishermen in the states of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. These are recently being used to catch trout and pike, while already known to catch stripers and bluefish effectively. Tuna and walleye will be quick to snap up these lures, too!

The only downside to these lures is that they won't produce as good as output as the heavy standard class in water of 180 – 200 ft., but by matching the color of lure to the bait and other accessories, you will increase the performance.

Deadly Diamond Lures

These tiny lures range in size from 1/8 oz. to just 1 oz., but they can easily attract any fish in the area causing them to school-up in sheer minutes! The trick is that the top is cut like a diamond, causing the light striking it to reflect throughout the water. These are perfect for catching varieties of bass, crappie and stripers, but you'll find them work well on a small range of species.

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