Archery Fishing

Archery Fishing

Archery fishing, also referred to as bow-fishing is the sport in which the fisher uses archery equipment to catch fish. By simply attaching a reel to the bow's grip, even a regular hunting bow can be used, making this a popular sport for hunters when other game such as deer are off-season. The following tips are meant for anyone just starting out, or seasoned veterans just looking to refresh their knowledge.

Prior to venturing out on an expedition, it is important to consider the following:

1. The proper licensing requirements in the state where you plan to fish. You may need one!

2. The equipment you plan on using should be acceptable according to state approval.

3. Certain fish species may be protected by state or local ordinances in regard to archery fishing.

4. Some states only allow bow-fishing in certain seasons.

5. There are states which require participation in an archery safety course.

After matters of legality, there are necessary skils for successful fish archer to obtain and practice:

Tying knots. Do not be fooled by how simple that seems, for tying a knot that won't slip is absolutely crucial for a functioning bow.

Tuning; this is the process of making sure that the bow is in best possible working condition by continuously adjusting the rest and calibrating the nock. A faster method of tuning may be done by shooting a bow-fishing arrow without the tip onto a makeshift target.

Targeting, also known as markmanship. Bow hunting and archery fishing differ in a variety of ways. For one, bow-fishing arrows are heavier, have larger arrowheads and most obviously, have a string attached. Adjusting one's aim for the resistance in the water is another major factor.

In accordance with the skills are the various methods of archery fishing, including:

1. Still hunting; this is when the fisher knows the best spot of a lake or river to stand in wait for the fish to pass by.

2. Stalking; whether on foot or by boat, the fish archer is on the constant move to seek out and find the best fish to catch.

3. Ambushing; to successfully ambush fish, targeting them while spawning is the best way to ensure hitting your target as they crowd around.

As you have just read, there are a number of different aspects one must take into account before archery fishing. With the law on your side, good equipment and cultivated skills, this is definitely a challenging sport that bridges the gap between fishing and hunting.

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