Carp Fishing Pointers

Carp Fishing Pointers

Carp fishing can be a real challenge.  It can be frustrating at times, but well worth the payoff.  Carp are known for being quick to suck in any bait they find and blowing out anything they find unappetizing.  The whole process happens in the fraction of a second, while you wait in anticipation holding on to the rod ready to start reeling in.

If you have ever fed carp in a pond, you know they will continuously gobble up any pellets, corn, pieces of bread, etc., as long as you keep tossing in the bait.  In the wild, carp will act much the same.  There are so many different inexpensive baits possible to use on your hooks, especially bread or biscuits.  If you dip biscuits in water for a couple minutes then keep them in a sealed sandwich bag for an hour they should be primed for carp.  You will find that not all bread is created equal, so determining which is firm enough to hook and cast with is a process of trial and error.  You could also try super gluing a pellet to the shank as a way to hook the bait.

Zig rigs can be employed effectively as once the carp are feeding, they will be comfortable around your bait.  They won't be too picky in this state, but you won't want to drop the bait right in front of and startling them.  Instead, cast a little ways from them and move it into position slowly.  Continue to drop in the food to keep them feeding to keep them around and eventually they should bite.

Setting up for carp fishing:

  • • A hair rig will increase your chance of a catch, since carp taste their food first and won't come anywhere near something unappetizing to them.

    • A fifty pound test spider line with a complimentary leader is likely to work well.

    • The bait should be threaded on the needle and the hair loop should be hooked to that, and you may even try dipping some foam in a flavor source to increase effectiveness.

    • Long shank hooks can be straightened out to be used as a baiting needle;  the bait slides onto the shank, then slid from the needle to the hair.

    • A float can give you an advantage by adding weight which gives more distance and a better indicator for where the bait is.

    • Never forget to bring a controller float rig;  attach a leader to the swivel of the mainline with a length of about three feet using a ten pound double strength Drennan line.  You could use a low diameter mono line, providing it floats good enough to be seen.

Experts often say that it's the manner in which you introduce the bait, rather than the bait itself which will be paramount in catching carp.  If you are able to visit a spot for a few days in advance, you could get the fish accustomed to a particular feeding time and bait type.  This method can bring about a whole school of carp, just waiting for you.

With a little patience and the right approach you can avoid the frustration many beginners experience.  You may want to experiment while taking on carp, so you can learn their finicky ways and truly dominate them.  Good luck!

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